Probiotic and fibre for weight loss with meds?

I can’t find the previous topic now but it reported on pubmed that probiotics and fibre help with antipsychotic weight gain. Has anyone tried it…does it work?

I may have a go and report back though I always get a bad reaction taking supplements. Hope you’re all enjoying you day out there!


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Here’s the article

Best of luck !

Than you @everhopeful

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I have decided to go the natural route rather than supplements. A tablespoon of psyllium husk in water and yogurt and pickles…though not at the together obviously! :crazy_face:

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Not that I’m aware of. I take probiotics and fibre daily for my diverticular disease. Doesn’t affect my weight if I run out of either for a couple of weeks other than your weight will go up a couple of pounds if you have a lot of psyllium husk in your system because it has captured a fair amount of water in your bowels. I find that the probiotic helps my overall health and that contributes to stability for my positive symptoms.

Probiotic is expensive to purchase so I ferment my own sauerkraut. Works as well as the expensive probiotics, but for pennies on the dollar.

Thanks @ozymandias never knew probiotics could help with positive symptoms. I am still going to have a try though the result seems doubtful.

I didn’t either – doctor told me to take it for my gut issues. I keep a recovery diary and I discovered that I am more stable over time when on it. I think it’s more of an overall health issue. Good diet, plus regular exercise, plus healthy gut, plus therapy, meds, etc. They all add up to better control of illness, more energy, and ability to manage weight more effectively.