Probably the worst aspect of it

This place and thing is so ■■■■■■■ boring…

That people…

Inject snake venom…

Into themselves sometimes…

I am assuming you’re talking about people who post about what there delusions are?

You know you can drink snake venom…unless you have something that would allow it to go into your blood stream before it hits your stomach…a cut or ulcer …apparently its high in protein…

Has a woman or wife who gives birth to his child

Can’t comment anything positive about mine

@sirBoring and @SP2342 bad examples

I have two children…I get one every other weekend…I don’t like talking about kids…I read your post and you sound like a good mom…but it will always be a sore spot for various reasons…

Difference of men and women

And even some women

Didn’t mean to single you out

What the hell did I do?

You know I love you

Want to hear more Christian songs from you

Um okay I thought you were mad at me for some reason. Also I don’t listen to music that much.

What the hell are you doing now Sheri

Hanging on that f-uckimg phone