Probably gonna leave work early

Woke up this morning and I couldn’t even stand up straight because of back pain. Did some stretches so now at least I can move but if its gonna be like this I dont think I’ll get through the entire 9 hour work day. I think I overworked myself yesterday and it’s hitting me today.


I hope your back feels better soon.

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Hope your back feels better soon, back pain is awful. I have a screwed up back, too, and it sucks.

Absolutely best thing in the world for back pain and/or sciatica is almost daily, half hour YOGA.
I was practically bedridden for years with backpain. Now, I have zero back pain because of YOGA.
And anyone, at any age, in any condition, can do it.
@NeoPolitan02 @freakonaleash @ZmaGal


I have balance issues. I get really dizzy really easily. I don’t do yoga because of that. But you’re right. It’s really good for your body

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There’s Chair Yoga for those with balance issues and other physical limitations. You sit in a chair the whole time. And it’s just as beneficial as any other kind of yoga.
Like I said, anyone can do it. @ZmaGal

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Wow. Thanks for the tip @SkinnyMe

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