Probably going to catch covid in 2 weeks 🙄

I’m going to an extended family gathering in 2 weeks and I can’t really get out of it.

At least I’ve had 2 vaccinations and a booster.


Maybe you are one of the lucky ones. There’s a colleague at work that hasn’t gotten it. We work in a busy shop, so it’s likely she is immune.

I didn’t take any vaccines and to me covid felt like a medium influensa, but I got my D and C vitamins and zink ++.

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I hope you don’t. I’m pretty sure I had a mild case of Covid right after my booster and I’ve been having a lot of health issues ever since. I haven’t had one good day since then.


Its good that youre realistic but i hope you all stay safe

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Ive been around heaps of people and no issues. Youll be ok you got your vaccines

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@everhopeful Stay safe - Sorry you cannot get out of this.

Can you wear an n95 for the whole event? I am to the point the mask does not bother with my breathing. I will not risk my health catching covid.

Can you take a covid test a day after - for early detection and treatment. Not sure if your hospital treats preventative - with Paxlovid if you qualify

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Yes, that’s a good idea…

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