Probably going to ask to take injection

I have taken Seroquel for a year. I don’t like the way it makes me feel after I take it. It makes me feel really bad. I’ve been on an antipsychotic injection in the past and I want to be on one again.

I can’t deal with Seroquel. I can’t do it anymore. I am not even with mental health services anymore. I will have to ring them tomorrow and try to get a psychiatrist appointment. With an antipsychotic injection I feel the same 24/7 which is what I want. @zeno @Joker


Good luck, why do you tag the village idiot, aka @zeno? :slight_smile:


I think I have some things in common with you. I’m not sure. I still feel a bit bad from the Seroquel I took 2 hours and 15 minutes ago.

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Hope you get an appointment soon. I want to go on a depot but not sure how long I will be on abilify


I wish I could go on injection.

I’ve taken Seroquel before it was horrible

Sorry you feel bad hugs