Privacy and name change request

I’m working to secure my social media accounts and safety. I messaged a mod but that person hasn’t responded yet so maybe they arent able to do it. Please change my username to something else…Im thinking like PaperFlower or Emerald or Starrynight or MadPride or MadLove…idk…

someone is missing who shares my name, it freaked me out when people started attacking me because I have the same name and all these people were @ at my username I have had for the past three years at least…so Im trying to remove my first name/nickname from online…

ADDING THIS: can a moderator try and reset my preferences…it was working well before now the forum is all screwed up and the notifications…

You have to choose one of those names before we can change it.

I haven’t seen anyone @ you excessively, so not sure what you are seeing.

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As for your preferences, I don’t know how you want them set. Just try logging out, clearing your cache, and re logging in. Or if you are on mobile, close the app and restart your phone.

Ok can I change it to MadPride?

I’ll see what i can do.

Give me a few minutes.

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Ok, try going to main page now.

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thanks so much!! and the preferences are back to normal!


Glad I could help.

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You had Default Home Page set to Unread. I changed it to Latest. So leave that and it’ll always update.

ok that makes sense…

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