Pristique Withdrawal symptoms driving me crazy!

Has anyone had a bad experience coming off Pristique? I have been on it for about 9 months (for depression which has lifted) and had my last dose 2 weeks ago when my doctor told me to stop taking it. I had reduced my dose gradually before stopping.

Since I stopped taking it my sleep pattern has changed. I can only get a maximum of six hours of sleep a night and wake up early. Some nights I don’t get to sleep until 3.30 am! Most nights I lay in bed trying to fall asleep but my mind is racing. During the day I have ‘brain zaps,’ heart palpitations, get frustrated easily, am in a bad mood all day and sometimes get a bit teary for no apparent reason. I have Schizophrenia and I am worried that the stress I am going through is going to cause a psychotic episode.

Has anyone else had a bad experience withdrawing from Pristique? How long did it last until you felt normal again?

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Which med are u on…!!! Matey

I am not on any meds. my doctor stopped my antipsychotics a year ago and I have been symptom free. He knows about the Pristique withdrawl symptoms and gave me sleeping tablets but they don’t help that much.

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Whatz ur diagnosis then…???

What is Pristique? What is it’s drug name?

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I was diagnosed in 2015 with schizophrenia - first episode psychosis. I was taken off antipsychotics 18 months later because the medication worked and I became symptom free. In the country I live in, the best practice guidelines are to stop medication in this situation. They also do it because approximately 25 percent of people never have another episode or any further symptoms.

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Pristique is an antidepressant. The drug name is desvenlafaxine.