Prioritising mental health research- general election 2015

We all know someone with a mental health problem and can see how
lives would be improved with better treatments and support and less
stigma. Mental health research saves lives, relieves significant distress
and improves quality of life. It also benefits the whole of our society
by generating social and economic benefits that contribute to thriving
communities built upon resilience, reduced levels of mental ill-health
and less stigma and discrimination.

Yet mental health research is underfunded and under-prioritised by
government. We are missing opportunities to achieve breakthroughs
seen in other areas of healthcare that could transform people’s lives
and enhance wellbeing.

The 2015 General Election is a landmark opportunity for political
parties to build on growing public awareness of mental health and the
value of all health and social care research.

We believe there is a vital role for government leadership in
championing mental health research. We can build on public
awareness of the gains that have been made in cancer and dementia
to make the UK a global leader in mental health research.


This is a great document (its for the UK) - Something like this needs to be done for every country!