Primitive building videos on Youtube


They usually consist of native males or a male in a tropical country building structures or pools from scratch. Some of them seem rather implausible in terms of being done by one man:

Look at the amount of time needed to make a handful of the bricks and then look at the numb of bricks and clay tiles? Also wondering what the point of these pools in the middle of nowhere is? I can’t imagine that stagnant water will be healthy after a week, let alone a month.

Suspect there’s someone with lighter-toned skin behind the camera(s) exploiting the locals, paying them pennies on the dollar earned from ads.




they haven’t got anything better to do lol



I love the roof, but the whole thing seems like a ridiculous amount of work. Did that one guy do all of it? That was crazy.



Doubt it. A lot of stuff happens between camera cuts. Suspect a bunch of workers who scatter. I’d believe it was a single person if the video was done as a time lapse.

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There is a YouTube channel called Primitive Technology where this guy shows you how to make all sorts of things. It is pretty impressive. He is just in the jungle on his own making houses, kilns, weapons and all this stuff. Worth checking out.


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