Primates, Orcas, Dolphins, other animals show mutation in genes linked to schizophrenia, autism, other mental disorders

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As a follow-on to the article @SzAdmin linked, an article and a study dealing explicity with the possibility of other animals being prone to schizophrenia.


Scientists like these are in my opinion to preoccupied with their obsession to find “defective genes”! We all have them, each and every one of us, with or whithout “sz”. Without" defective genes", natural selection etc humanity would be unable to adapt. Their obsession has a negative impact on stigma…

The mental state I am in when I am of track may very well originate in the capacity for language. (You may read what I have written in Post subject: Speech perception and some symptoms of schizophrenia)

I could have told you this if you had asked me.

Animals have me “symptoms” all of the time actually, no joke. Probably some animal out there right now seeing “things”.

If i can see so can they.

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My cat sometimes looks at places or gets mad at something that isn’t there.

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One can see a schizophrenic dog in the paranormal activity films.


I know, whenever I see another study saying, Scientists discover that dogs get jealous and monkeys get sad! it just gets a giant eyeroll from me. I want to say, “Are you this stupid on purpose?” but I think the answer to that is yes. I feel like this constant insistence that only humans feel things is just an excuse for us not to worry about how badly we treat other animals.


My cat spent months afraid of walls. I had to feed her and put her litter box in the center of the room. She is tormented by things that I can’t see. One day she is loving and confident, the next she is certain we all are trying to hurt her. The insistence that only humans experience these things is ludicrous.

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Funny thing is, I feel like a dolphin or monkey a lot of the time. I like pretending to be animals. It eases the stress. In fact they should teach animal familiarity, or pretending to be animals, in CBT.