Pride this year

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

I have nobody to go with this year - or any year out of 34 apart from just the 1 time!

Really would like to celebrate it, but even the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t seem interested in me

Might try and see if anyone online wants to go, but most of those sites are seedy and people just after sex.

Apparently this guy thought it appropriate to send me pictures of his genitals and ask me if I was his ‘Mr Right’?

HAHAHA, well, I said to him I am not an exhibitionist, which clearly he was far to into for me to be able to keep up, as I am shy


Let people know where you’ll be,

And go by yourself!

I’ve gone to lots of parties and events alone and they always end up being the most fun.

You don’t have to worry about entertaining someone else and you can just do what you want.

But make sure to let people know where you in case something sketchy happens.

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I don’t really go anywhere on my own like that, so I usually don’t go

Think you’re right in saying you’ll not have to worry about other people with you

Really I think I need moral support though, as I am not good at crowds, social interactions and I get real bad social anxiety

This is however something I’d like to go to now I am actually out to my family after being in the closet for so long

I am hardly going to go over the top with it, but just being there would be cool

I’ll have a think about it

Thanks @anon54386108


Plenty of people go alone. It could be an opportunity to make friends.


This is true. I did not realise a lot of people go alone.

Not sure what I’d do after the parade though

The after parties are not what they once were - now they charge a lot of money to go to the park and watch live music.

Used to be free years ago


Yeah that’s a shame… That’s where most of the socializing happens. It’s still free here.

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It has turned into a monetised scam here now.

Not even sure what they spend it all on

Brighton City council in England where I’d be going must be charging them for costs or something


Ah ok, just went to check prices and it says this:

Brighton & Hove Pride – 2021 Update

We are heartbroken to have to announce the cancellation of Brighton & Hove Pride’s Community Parade, Pride Village Party and Pride Festival on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th August 2021.


I’m pretty bummed because the one near me was cancelled this year. Our LGBT center closed down during covid and hasn’t reopened, so nobody was around to organize it. I am sad because it was supposed to be Starlet’s first Pride.


That really sucks, sorry to hear that

Guess I am lucky as the LGBTQ+ capital of our country is a few mins away by train

Makes it hurt even more that I cannot find someone to be with when the opportunities to meet others here is so much greater



I get wicked crowd anxiety too.

Do you have a prn med you can take before you go? Like something that calms you but doesn’t make you too sleepy?

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It is okay to go to pride alone. It is generally a very safe place to be. One recommendation though, if you’re taking the train, is to take off your rainbow gear before leaving the pride area. The world is a much safer place but it’s always good to not draw attention to yourself from unsavory people.


I can take Diazepam, but to be honest, I got down to 5mg a day and there is no way I want to back track on that now

Just this week I asked the pdoc to knock me out with something, and he said no


It’s ok, I am not too extroverted in any sense of my identity

I’d most likely just wear a plain t shirt and jeans

Looks like it won’t be for another year now anyways :frowning:

Might see if there are any online events, as that might be a good testing ground


I know NYC is doing some online events

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I love NYC.

If I had the money behind me, that would be my ultimate place to be

Seemed like it was over-pricing people out of Manhattan though when I was there in 2014 - not sure what it’s like now

My small town of 100k people here in England is boring, and there are few opportunities to go and do things.

NYC just was buzzing, and I loved it. Perhaps in a place like that things would be better, but I doubt such a move would be on the horizon anytime soon!

Will check it out though

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Yeah NYC is monstrous. My aunt was looking to buy a condo in Manhattan and she and her husband ended up realizing if they moved an hour outside the city they could get a giant house for the same price as the cheapest condo they could find.

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I think the only regular people living there now are legacy residents

It’s like round here. We live 1hr 30mins from London by train, and the further up the track you go the more expensive things get, by quite a lot.

My family live about 40 mins away from London, and for the price of a large 1 bed flat on the seaside where I am, you could only get a studio apartment for not even the same price

It’s nuts

City living is for those who earn too much money to know what to do with it

Suppose the bonus is the richer people who live on the outskirts of my hometown in the countryside villages want lots of landscaping done!


I lived right outside NYC for a bit as an au pair. That was super fun because as soon as the parents came home for the day I could go paint the town red and come back.


I’m stealing my nibling from their dad’s house under the guise of it being my birthday party so we can go together. It’ll be their first Pride Parade and I’m so excited to get to take them.