Pride Month


And if anyone gives you folks any crap, I’ll be the older brother who gives them a good beating!


And i will adopt you and then force you to join my family DnD campaign.


Bi-llama, I’ll feed you candy until you feel sick.

Happy pride month everyone!


I posted this on an FB group and someone said it made them cry. Their mom had just said bad things about gay folks. Poor thing.


Am I correct Pride Month is for LGBTQIA+, non-heterosexual people? Not just Gay? I’m 62 and don’t need a mom, but I was thinking of going to the local Pride Parade. I’ve mostly been with men, but also some women over the years. I’m not really interested in sex much anymore, but I recently engaged in some because he wanted to.

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I like girls a lot, so I just go under the radar. Lots of women aren’t too keen on bisexuals and I never wanted to hurt my chances with them so I never brought it up in my previous relationships. Honestly it’s easier just not to mention it. I’ve never slept with or had feelings for any actual men, just had an occasional thing for gay yiff art. If you don’t know what that is, don’t ask haha.

But yeah, pride! And don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t awesome!

I know, why even identify as bi if you plan on only having female partners? Well because it’s an anonymous forum and it has always made me feel like less of a man, regardless of whether or not that’s warranted. Also I take it personally when someone attacks LGBT folks because I’m not a pure 0 on the Kinsey Scale.

If you’re questioning, you can at least count on this being a safe space, our moderators are great about that.

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