Pricing out

The cost of getting remote start in my car. Winters are so rough. Would be nice to get into a car that’s not frozen solid. It would likely be around $300 give or take. I’m broke until the end of the month but I think then I can afford it. I think it would be money well spent. I miss my heated seats in my previous vehicle. Anyway here’s hoping. I’ll call the garage tomorrow.


We are in high summer and my airconditioning is gone in my car. It’s so hot and I drive 45 minutes to the cricket club and it’s torture. If it’s a regas it’s like $150 or so but if it’s the compressor it’s like $600. I’m just starting to save some money after xmas but a long ways to go. Bloody cars suck money but hope you can get it done…I really miss my air con.


I believe it. My ac conked out last summer and I haven’t had it fixed but now it isn’t necessary for quite some time.

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