Prices are going's very clear

Saw gas at $6.19 per gallon. But I pay $5.70.

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The day you can’t find free porn anywhere; that’s the day I write to my congressman.


That was our childhood. Kids have it so easy these days.


Cost us 51 dollars and change for some mexican take out tonight for 3 people. Sure, we had some leftovers, but still.


Restautrants have had food costs go up (part of that is fuel prices for transporting it). Insurance prices are up. Utility costs are up. Staff are hard to come by right now so they’re actually having to pay them more. It’s gotta show up in the bill – restaurants are low margin businesses.


You should see PC components price, now they’re slightly better but graphics cards have been selling for 2-3x more over msrp since covid. Its ridiculous especially scalpers. Even used cards are being sold 2-3x more than their precovid price, over what they’re worth. There are also scams where ppl sold console boxes filled with rocks or tomatoes instead of the console on Kijiji, ridiculous.

I was lucky to had built my PC right before covid in 2019.


Some are selling 1500$us graphics cards for 5000$CA on ebay and kijiji. Even 1500$us is too much as a couple years ago the most expensive was 599$us.


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