Preying on my mind

There is something I have been dwelling on lately. When I was in the army a couple of my friends were hiding some whiskey in the tiles in their drop ceiling, and they found a grenade that someone had pulled the pin and flipped the safety clip on, and kept the spoon from popping with a single band of tape. That tape was supposed to dry rot, and the grenade would explode at some time in the future. If my friends hadn’t found it that’s what would have happened. Some low life was giving a great big ■■■■ you to the world, trying to kill total strangers who had done him no harm probably because he had a beef with the army. There are some ■■■■■■ up people in the world.

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That’s horrible.

What??? I don’t blame you for having that preying on your mind.

That’s some f**ked up ppl,I hope karma finds them back

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