Prey the demo

dead space meets fallout… its wonderful…i haven’t beat the demo yet… despite it not being connected to their already established titles… and even though its only the demo… adding a jump grab climb up feature is making this my favorite Bethesda game of all time… I have no idea what the story line is really going to be but the little bit ive seen is great…

theres a more tier based skill system and no level ups…your just upgrading your brain when you find the little device that can upload stuff into your brain…also the inventory is now like diablo or resident evil where diff items take diff amounts of space and you see a icon of it taking up actual space in your inventory so I guess its space instead of weight…of course you can upgrade your space suit…everything feels fresh again and updated…oh and no dam loading screens every time you open a door…

. would recommend this game and I don’t get caught up in game hype… so yea play that or watch some videos on youtube… def sci fi warning… and general warning too… I will def post a play through of the demo… @genbu you may enjoy this…i didn’t find myself saying they could have done better here or here…atleast not on the demo…


Enjoy gaming flame …!!!

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did you get your comp this week?

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This week for sure …!!! Which recent game have u played …!!!

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that’s the most recent…haven’t really played any other new ones… new games are expensive…I usually play the demo or watch videos and then wait 6 months + before I buy them… its too easy to get caught up buying new games and hating most of them…

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what time iz now in canada …!!! any ways have a good night sleep tight …!!! see ya 2moro …!!

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I actually downloaded the demo some time ago, but couldn’t get into it. Mood was pretty off so I quit in less than a few minutes.

Might try it again when I get my PS4 back. Was absent from home for awhile and they gave the PS4 to someone else so it wouldn’t get stolen.

I’m all for free stuff and the concept looked cool to me.