Prevention and tension

I’m thinking that tension is required when we aim to prevent something about ourselves. That means things like dieting, guarding our speech, contraception ( not that it’s not tense to have 15 children ), I think the more mature we are, the more we can control without so much tension, still it’s an issue to me.

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Quite true! :smile_cat:

I’m slowly learning to ween out of music & just bask in silence. For whatever reason, the silence is more therapeutic than music. Music can sometimes cause too much tension.

I don’t know much a-do about “tension”, though. I used to be a novice power-lifter, filled to the brim with energy. Now I’m bed-ridden and as apathetic as it gets about doing things. Autumn is definitely taking its toll on me. I don’t know what I’m going to end up as, but man the human form here on Earth is extremely “dead” to me. I feel 90 years old, whereas I’m 27 and should be doing much more - physically at least.

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I can agree with you about tension. Musicians are very tense people.
You have been physically strong. Now, you are working on your mind. In the future, you will probably blend the physical and mental to be active in both genres.