Prevalence of negative symptoms and long-term prognosis

My negatives are and have been markedly stronger than my positives. Much research associates such a prevalence with poorer prognosis. Has this been your experience?

It’s been my experience. If you have only positive symptoms then you might get lucky with meds. Meds can be quite good at treating positive symptoms sometimes.

But having negative symptoms there’s no cure. Unless the new upcoming min-101 med works as advertised. So there’s hope in that at least.

For me it’s a bit soul destroying.

I don’t really have positive symptoms. But I’ve been pretty much neutralised as a productive member of society.

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I’m really sorry to hear that.

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At least you’re a productive and useful member here. I’ve heard as people get older the positives decrease and the negatives increase.

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Thanks firemonkey !

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