Pretty proud of myself

I don’t like to brag it up. I have come a long way, but I have a long way to go.

But yesterday, I ended up pretty proud of myself. I had to do some work in Queen Anne park… I used to live there. It’s a lovely park, but not my favorite. No happy memories for me there.

As I was working, and making some notes and pulling up weeds, a cop stopped me and told me I had to stop doing that. As soon as I stood up he remembered me from my days of living in that park. First he was sure I was dead. He thought that was why he hadn’t seen me around in so long… and then he threatened to run me in for occupancy and destroying city property.

“You can’t just pull up plants and cut limbs off trees when ever you feel like it.”

I showed him my City Employee badge and it is my work order and I know what I’m doing. The look of absolute shock on his face pleased me. He even ran my number to double check.

He apologized, he was very surprised. But then he actually shook my hand and said, “Congrats on getting yourself straightened out.”

I felt pretty good about myself yesterday. Just another little reminder it really hasn’t been that long at all. I’m healing at a good rate I think.


I don’t know what to say except yah! Good for you! :boom: :clap: :wink: You deserve it.



Thank you for that… It is a little odd when people see me and they all say…“I thought you died a few years ago.”

“No, still here,… sober, clean and lucid.”

I guess I beat the odds?


Feels extra good when things turn out positive and you’re not a statistic like people expected. Living a decent life is the best revenge.
Hurray for J!! Yayyyy!.


That was nice and it was nice it made you feel good about yourself. It was kind of a small victory. The cop said that out of the kindness of his heart but it still reminds me of an old saying;

“The best revenge is living well”


Thank you for that… It used to really upset me when people would tell me how surprised they were that I was still alive, much less walking around and lucid.

But now when someone sees me and it dawns on them and they say… “I thought you died a few years ago” I feel like I beat the odds.

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Way to go. Still you rise. Its nice to suprise cops also

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thats an amazing story haha, i’d love that to happen to me,

you should be proud of yourself, you are doing a great job :clap:

how are you getting on in your new job though is it part time and are you still doing college?
it seems like you are doing a lot more than you use to :slight_smile: x

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Thank you for that. Still love the job. I’m out in the gardens and parks…
My job is flex time, 35 hours give or take. Just finished finals wednesday and signed up for more. This next time, two on-line classes.

How are you doing? Are you going back to college like you mentioned or are you taking that much deserved break and going to Florida?

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thats great itss flexible hours :slight_smile:

i thought you were going to classes at a college are you doing it all online?
my ex sweep is almost finished her online course in psychology, she just needs to answer a questionaire thing and thats it.

i want to do either an internship or a counselling course or both, idk how much time is involved but they both sound like something i would be really interested in. the internship would be 9-5 maybe so i am a bit worried about that and i am hoping they will be flexible with me and the counselling would be night classes 6hrs a week.

it wouldn’t be untill after august tho and i dont even know where i will be staying as i am still technically homeless lol (i’m in temp accomodation)

not really thinking about Florida right now as its still a bit early, im more excited about watching my sisters kitten when she goes to Spain for 2 weeks :cat2: lol

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