Pretense in the media

Damn, I hate this. I am truly disappointed with what passes as intellectual stuff in the media in my country. It is just dishonest. Not that ‘intellectuals’ are telling lies or something like that. It is more that, simplified ideas get packed into one-liners to make it digestable to the public. There’s this show that wants to talk philosophy, and proclaims to want to thoroughly dig into the essence of the matter blah blah blah. They feature ■■■■■■■ comedians

Another program that pretends to be of great intellectual quality, has a guest this evening that is supposed to have controversial ideas pro radical islam. Thats all fine and could be interesting. However, the format of the show is a couple hour of conversation and then a film chosen by the guest. What triggered this rant was that I could guess which film he was going to choose based on the few things I know about this guy that I stated above (namely, Battle of Algiers). That’s not a good sign, I know barely anything about this.

Look I want to go into academia, and may then pass as intellectual as well. But these public intellectuals rehearse the same chewed-up bits and pieces that are easily digestable though give one some sense of doing serious thought. It’s pretentious. I much prefer the honest stupid entertainment shows. Sorry for the rant.

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That’s sad indeed.

You should watch portuguese tv! Now, that’s something to be worried about :smile:

We at least have a channel that has good cultural programming. Although a bit boring at times, it mostly has interesting things to watch. All other 200 channels, from other countries included, are mostly a waste of time. I mostly watch comedy shows, the FOX network, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and stuff like that. I spend my day reading and then fall asleep in front of the tv watching whatever mindnumbing program is on :slight_smile:

Yes I’m enjoying the simplest of romantic comedies the most. You know what to expect, the bar is low, and it delivers. These serious shows don’t deliver in my country.

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The kind of tv I watch really bothers my roommate where I live, when I have one. They really don’t like it. I don’t care for sitcoms, so we just leave the tv off.

I only watch Very important sports show like NBA final on TV. I think western TV show also have some brainwashing TV show.

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You’ve got my curiosity as to what kind of tv you watch that bothers your room-mates?
What could be so bad? I think today’s sitcoms are pretty horrible and rarely watch TV anymore.

Well, I think that media is…CRAP. I don’t even have a TV.

I also dislike when “science” is “learned” by people who don’t understand why what they just learned is more likely to be true than just an idea that was never tested.

Basically, I don’t like when people “love science” when they just like crap like northern lights, like, how they look.

Science is incredibly rigorous and looking at pretty colors is not science.

I would be offended if psychology was mocked by people who don’t know really even know it…I mean, it is a health science and improves, sometimes saves lives.

So I hand-pick movies and TV shows which are strongly psychological and only watch them.

I wouldn’t imbibe the poison you’ve identified, dude.

I watch a lot of documentaries - informative stuff. I think the tone of voice of the narrator bothers my roommates. They don’t like serious stuff on tv. Right now I have a room to myself, so I don’t have to worry about what my roommate thinks.


@crimby I like to watch documentaries too. I find really interesting documentaries on YouTube, on a wide range of topics. Fortunately, my little dog has no strong opinions about what I watch. :smile:

At first, my attitude towards their distaste of my television shows was “■■■■ 'em, I’m going to watch what I want”, but then I saw that it really bothered them a lot, so I took it easy on them.


I would urge caution at who you tell your political views to while in college. Some people think that it isn’t politicized but they are wrong. Even fields like physics are completely politicized. Your grades can change based on how your professors perceive you. So if you take the “wrong” views it can impact you negatively. The politics is more than just national politics. Sometime just who you talk to among the professors will impact the way that some of the professors perceive you. They all have their allegiances and teams and sometimes being on the wrong one can hurt you. It sounds very conspiracy like but I think there are a good deal of people that have gotten higher degree that can attest to this.

Also news networks are there for ratings. Every new network is biased because they have a certain demographic that they are trying to reach and a certain narrative that there news room is trying to portray. One thing I’ve gotten in the habit of doing is mostly ignoring the bad news about political candidates that one news network will say that opposes them.

Unfortunately this post seems a little more conspiracy oriented than normal it is just from my experiences.

TV is awful here… a lot of the shows are just silliness, boring celebrity gossip shows. boring religious shows. stand up comedy USED to be good… aaaand dangdut- which is vulgar indonesian songs.

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