Pretend you're normal

So what are you going to do today?

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I would probably do the same thing except hanging out this forum


I’d be out of the house, maybe taking a weekend holiday in a hotel.

I’d probably be sober

Yeah, I’d have a big position in a high paying job - Normal wife, kids - I would travel all over the world.

I would probably be a splitting image of my brother - come to think about it, I dont think that this would be such a good thing.

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I would be a Labour mp. Having a day off from parliamentary affairs.


When i try to be like normal people, I ■■■■■■ up even more.
I went to visit my mom today, it was pretty nice all along, and on my way home I lost some money from my pocket.
So not only that I cannot make money but I will also lose it.
I’m thinking about ways to get it back because the sense of complete uselessness is haunting me.


Watching football no matter who I am

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Why would I want to pretend to be normal? I want to be exceptional.



I’m gonna have to study for an exam. I am having a rough morning because last night went south after midnight, I got agitated.

I would workout but I need to recover for my workouts I have planned every weekday.

So in short it’s not fun right now but it’s temporary. I might take my dogs for a walk later if I still feel agitated.

Where I come from normal is bow hunting, beer and televised football. :grimacing:


I’ve been trying to picture the “Normal” life… really contemplate it…

I’m not coming up with anything worth while…

I would have gone to UW maybe… (student debt)

Maybe I would have gotten that middle management job… with a middle cubicle on the middle floor of some conglomerate building. Office gossip… paper pushing dead lines and penny counters… yum

Maybe I would have married young… and now divorced… seeing the kids on weekends only …

I think I’m pretty lucky living out of the box…

job I like… that I never could have planned for… humble… not too stressful… outside in nature. flex schedule so I can go to school. Have time to surf or fish…

School coincides with work… I get to immediately apply what I’m learning… counts as job training… so no student debt…

not Ivy League stuff… no big house and flash car in my future… but I don’t need a big house when I have an entire ocean to play in.

Plus I get work with food banks… and try to help people who need it. The city is trying to help food banks outreach to the homeless community more effectively… I like that.

Content… and simple…



Indeed. I share your pain. Also, jacked-up 4x4 pickup trucks that perform all sorts of bizarre and illegal manoeuvres around my fuel truck and/or school bus on the highway.

I get looked at askance quite often because I’m the 4-H cooking project leader and, well, cooking is for girls. If I wasn’t married I’m sure they’d be making gay jokes about me.


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Maybe it’s just my family… or a Latin thing…

but I’ve heard this one through the years…

“A man should know how to cook… because like making love… eating is something he’s going to do his whole life.”

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I might go out for a walk today.

I’ll just type a day in the life of me prior to SZ:

Had an easy bus-ride to & from work. Took two hours total, but on that trip I managed to read quite a bit from the Bible; been reading mostly linearly each book in the Hebrew (Old) Testament. Did some roaming & some online chatting at work, which was ez-pz too. I just roam halls at my job as a security officer for three hours and that’s it. Three hours 4x a week, then a 6 hour shift Friday & Saturday. I have off Sunday, such easy work.

I also managed to walk to the gym and do some light chest work. I listened to orchestral music while lifting. I’ll probably go grocery shopping tomorrow all on my lonesome.

~ That was basically me on a normal day.


I would probably be wealthier and relaxed but I would probably be ignorant of spirituality and mental health. Swings and roundabouts.

Same things. Clean up. Make an appointment with the podiatrist. Take care of my teeth.

Me on a normal week years ago would basically be go to work, go to the gym, go running then get myself out with friends on the town. All that has come to an end.

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