Pretend gangs vs. schizophrenia

A few years ago I told my family that I was worried gang members would come to the door looking for me. I thought they knew what kind of van I was driving and could come bursting in at any moment. My family believed me and told me not to come around anymore. I’ve been stable for a year now and struggling with the thought. Is it better for them to believe I’m part of this “pretend” gang or is it better for them to know I have schizophrenia? I really don’t want them to know that I have it, but really what choice do I have at this point. So far, I’ve just been avoiding them. Probably, not the best way to handle it.

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I think the right thing to do would be to tell them you have schizophrenia.


I had the same delusion but I believed I was an ex-illuminati member.

A good psychiatrist can help end this delusion. It’s not easy though.

I don’t believe it anymore, just hard to talk about it to family…

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Could you try writing a letter? Maybe ask your doctor for some tips on what to say?

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Oh you gotta come clean. Secrets are no good, they give your old delusions power. It’s time to end that so you can be with your family again.

I was writing a huge thing on Facebook about my schizophrenia and where I’ve been and it accidentally sent. OOPS. Well I guess the cat is out of the bag. I have children, that’s what make it so complicated. Don’t want to be labelled as a bad mother for the rest of my life…umm maybe I should put schizophrenia and parenthood as a topic.

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