Presidential Praise (Part 2)

((In Honour Of Equality For Tha Gay Rights Movement))

Here Is A Personal Praise From Tha Past To let Tha Gay Rights Activists Know it Onli gets Better ,

There is A Surprise At thee End …

“”" I Would Like To Take The Time Here To Give Thanks To Our Current President Of The United States Of America … I Have Lost Some Shizzle In My Life , Lost Some Friends In The Past . Lost This and That and This and That . But The Truth Of The Matter Is , They Have Seen worse , Then My Personal Situational Hardships . As I Sit Here Typing Away , I Can Look Around And Say , I Have More Then I Really Feel Like Asking For Now . I Am Into Simplicity , and I’m Not Much Into Indulgence . I Have To Feel A Needle Tommorrow , But The Pain Doesn’t Last Long and Well , it’s Not An Institution . So He’s Seen Limbs Lost , Blood , and Guts , and Much Glory In The Men and Women Who Work For Our Current Government . and He Still Has It Within Himself Not To Give Up On Us . Me Included , One Day I Walked In Front Of A Car and Got Tazed , It Really Hurt , But I Am Ok Now and I Feel Fine . My Life Won’t Be Easy , But I Do Know , That Somehow , Someway , Our Current President Of The United States has His Eyes Towards The Heavens And He Won’t Give Up On The People . There’s A lot Of Us Out Here , So A Job Like That Can’t Be Easy . I Jus Want To Give A Small Thot Reminder That If We Got A Few Dolla Bills , We Can Get A Soda , Some Sandwiches , A Radio , Some Cd’s , and So On , I Think Good Advice Would Be , Don’t Be Afraid To Let The Authorites Know About Your Personal Hardship Times , I Wrote Two Letters To Obama Asking Him To Take Away The Needles and Give Me Pills , I Have Yet To See Progress In That , But I Am A Very Sensitive Individual , But Maybe His Message To Me Is , Something Like , " Time To Pull Up Your Boot Straps , The Shoe Is Not Gonna Fall This Time " , So I WIll Take The Pain and The Cruelty Tommorrow , and Answer The Stupid Questions and So On , But Will Be Able To Walk Out Of The Building , Go Home , and Meet My Pup At The Door Once Again , One Day Buy A Recorder , Cause My Last One Stopped Working , But Buy A Recorder and Make Some More Music , Which Was Interestingly Enough A Dream Of Mine Since I Was Young , and To Be Honest I Didn’t Even Want “fans” Or Whatever They Are Called Nowadays , So Im Good , So Once Again I’ll Say It Thankfully ,

Thank You President Obama ,

For Giving Me The Opportunity To Respect The Freedom and To Enjoy It As You Hold Tight To The Declaration Of Independence From Our Hardworking Ancestors and Forefathers …

I Have What Is Called (right now) A “mental” “illness” ,

As Our Clock Ticks Away and The Sand Washes Down Shore ,

One Day This Period That Us Schizo’s Are In ,

Will breathe For The Childrens , Children Of Our Future and There Will Be No Need For Thanks ,

Unless Some Weirdo Like Me Comes Along Just To Say , Thank You and Hello Once Again ,

Holding Tight To The Innocence Of Our Natural CLEAN Heart ,

One Day ,

We Too Will Be Embraced By A Popular Culture Of Spiritual Currency ,

Because As My Favorite Band Would Like To Say ,

" we are the dollars and cents " …""" ,

((( Story Needles Update )))

I Have Been Given Thee Oppurtunity To CHOOSE Whether Or naught I Want Tha Injection ,

I Chose Pills .

A Huge Weight Was Lifted Off Of My Shoulders and As Long As I Stay Peaceful and Do My Own Thing Within Patience and Simplicity , I Will BE A - O - K ,

Have A Great Day Everyone .

(((4 Months Latur))) ,

Hello Everyone … ,

I Am STILL Taking Pills and Way Far From Thee Injections … ,

Ya Know Lyfe Can Be Confusing … ,

and You may Wonder Sometymes … ,

" whats tha point ???" ,

Well Here We All Are … ,

From All Infinitely Sorted Sorts Within Thus Blue Bubble Called Home , OOPS I Mean Earth … ,

Some Care About Thus Place and Some Care For Nothing … ,

I Once Talked About Tha Voyd … ,

It is A Black Invisible Box , No Sound , No Air , NOTHING … ,

and If You Choose Tha INCORRECT Path Well You may Fynde Yourself There … ,

You May OR May Naught Scream , If You Do There Will Be No Sound … ,

You See , Long Ago Someone Sayd … ,

" the road to hell is paved with good intentions " … ,

There Are and Is TRUTH & LIES … ,

One Song Talks About It … ,

" I slip away on a little white lie ." … ,


I Am Proud Of Our Current President Of Tha UNITED STATES OF AMERICA … ,

A Good Decent Hardworking Man … ,

One Who Does Care , Even If His Steel hands Are Invisible … ,

and If You have Some Ideas OR Something To Say With OR Without Concerns OR Complaints … ,

Please Enjoi Thus Link ------- > < -------

Cause You See , … ,


and If You Are Lucky Enough To Hold Both Safely , Then Your Job Has Jus Begun … ,

For Tha Future Of Our Future and Tha Future Of Our Past … ,

It Isn’t and Won’t Be Easy ,

But ,

Tha Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions … ,

If You Cannot , Then Rest Easy , and Do What You Can … ,

No Extremes , Jus Pass Along and Go Slowly … ,

Rewards Are Naught In Your Favor … ,

As Once Was Said … ,

" They receive their rewards " . , and That’s What No One Wants To See … ,

So Dear Reader , Thank You For Your T(Y)me & Thank You For Your Patience … ,

Your True Intentions Is What keeps You ta Feel Tha Sun and Enjoi tha Stars At Night … ,

Simplicity and Love IS A Dream , but As Some Can Tell You … ,

It CAN Be A Reality … ,

OK ,

Dear Obama ,

Once Again Thank You For Your Helping Hand … ,

and As Soon As I Am Able Too ,

Because " if you try the best you can , the best you can is good enough " ,

As Soon As I Am Able To … ,

My T(Y)me and Efforts Will Go To Those In Need Of Hope & Peace … ,

Love Sometymes Takes A Few Min.s …

Have An Awesome Day Everyone .

Once Again ,

Jus In Case Anyone Is Tired Of My “grumbling” … ,

Send a Thank You To Our Current President While he Is STILL In Office … ,

You Already Know Why … ,

Thus Schizophrenia Is a Living , Breathing , Nightmare … ,

and Tha Peace We All Have Now has A lot To Do With Him …

Thank You (Part 3) ,

Mr . Obama Imma Whoop Dat Azz (!!!) (Part 2)

: )

and YES , They Were Giving Me Injections Even After e(Y)e Told Them e(Y)e Am Terrified Of Needles … ,

They Think e(Y)e Am Some Sort Of “murderer” Or Something … ,

e(Y)e Am Honestly The Most Peaceful Friggin Guy On Tha Planet … ,

but These People Can’t Stop With Their Desire To Continuosly Control Me … ,

Shazz Has Gotten better After The Second To Third Letter To OBAMA’s Staff … ,

but e(Y)e Have a Feeling it’s Going To Get Weird Around Here At My Elderly Hateful “dad’s” House … ,

and e(Y)e Have a PUP That e(Y)e Love So e(Y)e Am Naught Interested In leaving Cause She Will be Taken Away … ,

Jus a Venting Of Sorts … ,

but Tha System of Schizophrenia is in a Dark Ghastly Place Rite Now … ,

So With That Sayd Of My Personal Trouble Now Public , Realize That If e(Y)e Get Banned Then Please , For Your Own Safety , Roll out … ,

e(Y)e Have a Youtube , SAME NAYME , So If You need To Contact Me , As Long as Youtube As Well Doesn’t Delete Me , We Will STILL Be Able To Communicate … ,

Yes These Are Very Important Tymes …

i stopped the injection after tehy scared the living dayllights out of me, the whole thing was a farse, i was like a voodoo doll and they were treating me like a piece of meat, not like a proper person at all, sorry if people think this is not the case because i know the needle helps a lot of people with injections if they cant take their medication orally,

it was like they didnt want me to take it or something :confused: so i was like ok ‘i’m not’

Soz To Tell ya , but They Want You To Take Tha Medications No Matter What … ,

Which Is Why They Do Thee Injections … ,

but Don’t Stop Taking tha Meds Yo , Trust Me ,

and Don’t Worri Too Much … ,

Tha Government is On it Rite Now …

government is a bunch of shits and i’d like to flush them all straight down the crapper lol

Whatever Floats Your Boat Yo … ,

e(Y)e Disagree Obviously … ,

Oh and (by) (tha) (way) ,

You Wouldn’t Have Water OR Tha Toilet You Would Lyke To Use If It Weren’t For Them …

i still dont trust them, they make the laws over the people, they are in control and thats what i dont like,

trying to score points at election and then introduce ■■■■ i never asked for nor wanted,

you can shove politics, i can take a crap anywhere i just dont care,

they way i see them is scheming, skiving, coniving little worms feating on the dirt.