Prescriptions and Bias

I recently moved to a new place in America and went to my new doctor and asked to be prescribed my one medication that I’ve used for a long time to treat my symptoms of SZ and that works for me. Imagine having a prescribed medication that works and then having a new doctor tell you they do not like to prescribe that medication or they do not prescribe that medication as a primary way of treating SZ. The medication is Klonopin and I’ve bee prescribed one milligram taken daily and I’ve been able to be in relationships, and work as a Truck Driver. I can only guess that due to the addictive nature of this benzo, due to the addiction epidemic in this country and dangers of mixing alcohol and opiates resulting in death - that these are the reasons they have bias against it - I take it as prescribed and am able to live a decent life - my life isn’t great but considering everything it is pretty good. Who do I turn to for help with the medical field will not? Trying to see a pyschiatrist is a joke cause if you actually find one that is accepting new patients the wait time is months - In the mean time I need to look for a job I lost after signing a lease I now cannot afford and my girl friend has decided to leave me due to my irritability after the disuse of klonopin. I’m scared I’ll wind up dead on the street and of course no one will care - Do please help. Who can I turn to for help? The police cold likely respond but from watching media that seems like a horrible idea since they shoot the mentally ILL - Should I go to the emergency room? The support and care is dismal for many of us - one only needs to go to California to see the misery in the homeless sections there. If I die then that is not fair to my family and friends.