A friend told me to subscribe in a QA course. I am very tempted but I have no support from family and friends. I am 35 and have a stable (boring) job. I have medication to buy and old parents to take care of. I am very sad right now - I don’t want to retire in this stupid company. And I am tired of studying frankly. I don’t know what to do…


All jobs are boring. Well at least ones I’ve capable of doing are.

It’s all about your function. If your doing really well and can deal with added stress it might be worth it. If your busting your ass to just get by then it’s not a good idea.

I found meds really affected my work. It is like I only have one gear now and it’s slow. I used to have so much manic energy and could really ramp it up!

No slight! Really have a think about what you can and can’t do. Stress is the big sticking point for me! If I’m stressed I get paranoid. If I get paranoid work goes south rather quickly!


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