Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse 2024 Edition!

So. Maybe not the zombies yet but I’ve been working on decreasing my footprint and hoarding mentality for a long time now.

No books, a couple of records of classics- everything moved to digital and lighter footprint. Shared car with dad. Now I’m working on one hobby. Get rid of all the others I’m not doing because I start and don’t follow through with it. Travel light and make less of a target. Flog off all the stuff I’ve got left through ebay and other avenues and just do one hobby I enjoy and work on the life things.

This year. I’ve made some crazy strides in my life. I’ve cut down booze. I’ve got to the bottom doses of my psych meds and I’ve moved my bmi down from obese to normal. It’s not been easy but diet and exercise have helped for sure…Today at Xmas lunch I had too much sugar but had only 1 beer…and that only for keeping the BIL happy.

With all that in mind. I got rid of 4 big bags of clothes today I just never, ever wear and have sitting around for 2 decades at least. Some of them good clothes but when the zombies come I’m travelling light. Why keep such things? It just doesn’t make any sense…Last week I’ve played like 1 hour of computer games so new thing is more physical stuff and hobby stuff and less tv and computers.

So 2024. I’m spending less time on the computer. I’m doing more physical stuff and keeping with the diet and less tv and computer stuff. I’m fitter now at 53 than I was in my 30’s when I drank and smoked. I’m prepared physically and mentally so bring it on. The zombies won’t find me as I’ve less of a footprint in the world and I am feeling way more happier!

What are you doing for when the zombies come ?


I’m just going to ride it out. No big plans but I’ve made it a goal to live at least until I’m 80 which will be next July. Staying content and not letting little annoyances bother me is my approach. Warming up my cold personality is a method.


I can totally dig this @PinCushion . A worthy reply!

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I am going to call the police on them Zombies if they come to my house.

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Yeah can’t argue with the logic. Zombies like brains. Cops are curious creatures so not sure of the intelligence there for most. :slight_smile: but I’m known widely as being wrong most times.

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I like my brains so I will stock up on cans of tuna and hopefully that will satisfy them. I dont want to be a Zombie as my meds showed me how much it can suck being Zombified by them. But I know if the Zombies bite me I will never come out of it. I will stock up on Antipsychotics and try force them down their throats and then they will be so Zombified all they can do is sleep for days and I will get rid of their Zombified bodies and they will wake up hopefully with clear thoughts for once.

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haha. Touche. Love the perspective and keeping the original intent of the post.

It’s an interesting thing. I’ve been accumulating for years but I’m finding that I need less to survive and enjoy life. I’m working hard at hardly working but there’s progress with my systems that is worth sharing.

Keep working at it people and refuse to accept second best. You can make good gains with simple changes to your lifestyle and it’s so worth it…what happens if it all goes pear shaped…?? What happens if you don’t know Australian vernacular says Pear shaped is where it all goes to shite??

It’s hard work but keep working peeps. It’s so worthwhile!

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My parents keep telling me I have to lose my gut/belly as it looks so unhealthy to them.

I am going to start the battle again and thanks for the info on keto as I heard of it but did not know how it worked.

I am staying at 250lbs doing nothing but my healthy weight is around 180lbs. My Pdoc wont mess with my meds as being stable is the priority with her.

I will begin the struggle once again and at least try to get down in the 230lbs range hopefully

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It’s hard work but it’s worth it. Short term keto really works but I think exercise is really important in that even though you’ll probably lose. It’s getting into better habits long term wise.

I’m not sure of the long term but it’s early days. Hang in there and keep working. It really is worth the effort and I don’t recommend mixing with the meds first…sort out your diet and exercise first…then slowly add new things like changing your meds. It’s how I started and it’s worked well.

Good luck!

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I’m going to be reading even more books in 2024. I’ll also be working on my writing skills. Doing these things might not be good, because reading is great for the brain, which may attract zombies who like healthy brainsssssssssss… :wink: Haha. Seriously though, I’m so messed up in the head, a zombie would probably take one bite and spit it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been eating very healthy for the last two weeks (Ozempic won’t be available for a while, so I’m forced to eat strictly because of the diabetes…maybe this is good so I’m not so drug reliant). I’m going to keep it up, but it’s very difficult. I also want to exercise more in 2024 and spend more time away from the computer.

I want to try new hobbies, but all the in-person stuff is so expensive. I don’t really want to sit in front of my computer for Udemy…

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