Premonition of things that might happen

as a young person I have plenty of premonitions is this a precursor to schizophreniaperhaps the belief in what mayhas gotten to the point of what ifshas anyone had a premonition that has save them time grief or money

I know talk of premonitions sparks doubt in most people, but I’ve actually had several. Most have come to me in the state right before sleep, but one in particular happened while I was fully awake.

I was at work and was asked to go pick up lunch at the restaurant next door. Before heading out, I saw in my mind finding money. And on my way to the restaurant, I found a $100 bill in the grass!

Then, after work, my friend and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. I used the self-checkout and found that someone had left $60 in the dispenser!

Feeling lucky at this point, I went to the convenience store and bought a lottery ticket. I won $20!

This was all in the same day, and all from the “premonition” that I had. That’s just one of my experiences with premonitions. And this was well before I developed sz.



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When I was a kid I had precognitive dreams all the time. It still happens a little, but nothing like before. I once had a premonition while awake about my brother getting into a car crash which came true two days later, but mostly it was dreams.

I used to have premonitions, some were so vague, I didn’t know if they came true or not, some were so specific. A few did come true.