Pregnant and hearing voices

Hi ladies,

I’m curious did you have voices or serious delusions during pregnancy or is anyone else currently pregnant experiencing this?

Was anyone single like me?

Did you feel like people were planning to take your baby away from you or tell you you were unfit?

Was anger a big part of mood swings and shame and guilt like it is for me?


Also if you were taking APs and other meds does your baby need them too or had withdrawal symptoms after delivery?

I want to be a woman but I am NOT interested in pregnancies.


Why do you want to and why not?

I want to be a woman, because women live longer, they have more energy than man, as a woman it will
be easier for me to have a job and maybe get promoted, it will be easier for me to have friends,
it will be easier for me to live independently, I also believe my thought content would be more friendly if I were a woman.

I want to be a woman, but not the feminine type of woman.
Without pregnancies and skirts, without fat and with muscles and a bright brain.

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Women are savages. We’re the weaker minded gender. We’re emotionally inclined thinkers and usually less rational than men. I do enjoy being one nonetheless. I think men are very strong gender. Your rationality, influence, and role is so important in this world. Love em! I believe we’re all equipt with both masculine and feminine energy …I study astrology

You suffer from stereotypical thinking @treebreeze


What’s your sign @treebreeze

I’m sun Gemini moon Scorpio and Capricorn rising.

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You forget we’re all schizophrenic here. Although men can fit those stereotypes sometimes . Schizophrenic men are at a great disadvantage. I think @Chess24 beliefs in wanting to be a women may be influenced a bit by being sz. A sz man has it really tough… typically sz is more severe in man than woman. Also men are supposed to get jobs moreso than women and szs can’t realky work. (At least I can’t).


Don’t we all in one way or another?

And I can say that being a woman won’t make thought content more friendly…that’s a stereotype too. We just look different

I’m a Virgo Sun , Scorpio Rising, and Scorpio Moon. Mercury in Leo. And my mercury is square my moon

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With paranoid sza up to this day I am SO ASHAMED OF MY THOUGHTS sometimes

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