Pregnancy by accident

How many of you had kids by accident?

From what I’ve read online about half in US are unplanned, it’s probably higher, how many people actually admit it was an accident.


I’ve been accidentally pregnant twice.

Once, I was very young and got an abortion.

The second time I was much older and had the baby,

He was adopted by the most amazing parents in the world.

We’re still in very good touch.

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Our daughter was unplanned by Mrs. Squirrel and I, but I wouldn’t put it past Squirrelette to have planned this from her end. Those who know her understand what I’m getting at.


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Abortion was your option or happened?

I got an abortion,

It didn’t just happen, it was planned.

I was really young at the time and didn’t want to go through a pregnancy.


Had a daughter, my x left a picture of her under my door and never seen her again, years later I found a Pic of them on FB, messaged but no reply


Do you think you’re pregnant, @Greenmind?

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I’m sorry you never got a chance to meet or for a relationship. Kinda sad.


There is a possibility but it’s soon to say


I’d recommend getting a test as soon as you can.

If you go to the doctor and get a blood test they can tell pregnancy much before those pee stick ones can.

It’s best to know as early as you can so that you can start planning, regardless of what you plan to do.


I had my son unplanned. Im happy he was born, despite the difficulties with his dad, and he is happy he is alive.

How is your situation to deal with a pregnancy? Wishing you well.

My little girl was sorta planned, ie mum chose not to use contraception. But she bogged off and left me with the feeling that i was just a sperm donor. Which was hard - cos i got a fellow chorister pregnant at 16 and got “dismissed” from the church when she had an abortion. So ive always absolutly adored children - yet remain fatherless. :(.

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