Prefrontal Cortex

Can you repair your prefrontal cortex after years of drug abuse? Probably not. But what if you can?

AP’s deplete dopamine, but I don’t think they work on the receptors in the prefrontal cortex.

I find that L Tyrosine rushes blood to the PFC. If taken in large doses (above 500mg), you can definitely tell that it does that but It causes some anxiety.

However, small doses seem to work.

I’m going try an experiment where I take 500mg of Tyrosine x3 daily (Since it’s duration is only 4 hours) and see how it goes. Hopefully It will provide me with the benefits as similiar as ******** (I’m not allowed to say what lol)

What do you guys think?


This went horribly wrong.

Had to take 5g of Taurine to combat my anxiety this evening.

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