Predicting the end of the world, one real experience

I had a grandmother who was a Jehovah’s Witness. She never gave me anything and when one person was beaten so badly that both eyes were black, she just had commented that it was because the beater used alcohol. This is all what she did, never helped anyone. Any way many years ago I got her old Jehovah’s Witness bible secretly and I studied it. I saw a lot of numbers and how she had tried to predict the end of the world, Harmageddon by adding numbers in the bible. The end of the world never arrived. Her daughter was also sz who died some years ago and she was taken to the psychiactric treatment by this grandmother as a result of the recommendation from the office of the President of the nation after she had mailed her letters to them. She was hospitalized for most of her life, especially in one place near Siilinjärvi where the outgoing Prime Minister of the nation is from. But what happened to this bible I secretly got? After reviewing it, I thought her number theories for predicting the end of the world were wrong and Harmageddon never arrived as it will never arrive and after this I took it to sauna and burned it. That was the end of the end of the world predictions, burned in sauna.


“Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father."―Matthew 24:36

I find that mornings are the best time to kick a tune that keeps us going!


I’ve lost count of how many end of the world predictions I’ve lived through. Has been like three the last four years that were highly publicized. 12/12/12 being the main one and as far as I recall a very boring day, in my history at anyrate.


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After the mayan’s feel flat I’ve stopped believing in end of the world prophecies. Or I should rather say the ability to predict them.

Voices say we are on the relative cusp right now.

A relative cusp though. Coming around the bend they say, ever so slowly.

They just say “relatively soon.” basically.