Precious Torment

When my existence was torrential rains and
Unwavering thunder
Irrational lightening
Deceitful gusts of winds
You appeared

A perfect circle
Absorbing the attention of every creature
In your presence

In the midst of my darkest hour
You smiled
And for the first time in my life
I saw the sky in its unclothed indigo

I needed guidance
your light brought me direction
I no longer wanted to roll with the rip tides
you soothed my storm
Took away my urge to destroy friendly sails
Embezzled my murky mystery
And made me beautiful
With your shine upon my flesh
causing me to glisten and shimmer

you saw what no other could see in me and now I have noticed that other stars
try to twinkle my way
But I barely see them in the distance
Stars have nothing I need
they simply cannot draw my current
None but you, my moon
You bring me into shore
not with force
but by illuminating the way
And letting me know that
The sand could be mine
If I reached hard enough
Stretched far enough

You offered to light my nights forever
So here I am
Your ocean at high tide
Crashing onto the sand
That like the sun
you could also set along my line
Close enough to allow me one kiss

How I fantasize about leaving this earth
and other insignificant waves
And joining you in your sky

Never the less
I am eternally grateful for what I have deemed
A Precious torment