Precious music drifting by....on Spotify

my spotify account creates custom mixes from my history of songs I listen to…it’s like the radio of your favorite stuff…some new some old…it’s mostly what I listen to…sometimes I will listen to bands like pearl jam or nine inch nails when I feel like being rough but most of the time it’s just these mellow mixes…anybody try these ?

My itunes does the same thing as does my youtube mixes. It’s clever marketing but there’s a lot of good one hit wonders I’ve picked up on itunes due to the recommendations that I never would have come across.

I like the modern world. All my music now is digital and on my phone or the computer. I have gotten rid of a lot of cd’s, records although I think I still have some tapes in the garage!

It’s clever marketing but sometimes you’ll find some new treasures so I’m all for it!

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