Pre hearing review

Sorry if this is off topic I’m applying since
2016 for disabity. I was schzioaffective now personality disorder ,restless legs with Aches,sore knees,sore hands,ADHD, cognitive difficulties etc. I have medical,neuropsych done and counseling records. I was selected for quality assurance and selected for on the record review to see if can decide my case before a hearing.

It’s in pre hearing review. Now currently at hearing office from what read it’s either being reviewed by hearing office team or sent back dds for revuew. I also sent in otr letter request listing fact think meet the personality disorder listing and counseling and neuro psych records to go along with it

I also have other symptoms listed and diagnosis. And how they effect adls and work like activities and how interact with people. Can my letter help or hurt me? Any advice or thoughts on my chance? I’ve read on pre hearing review they can more easily approve you based on overall amount of evidencen vs as strict rules so hoping chances are better

That sounds like a long process. Do you have a lawyer?

Mine got approved in just 79 days but I had priority processing for being a veteran.

2016 was a long time ago. Sorry you are having to deal with all of that. What have you been doing to get by since then?

I don’t have lawyer one looked at my claim then quit doing social security claims no lawyers really in my area and not able easily call Look up online out town lawyers just getting medical contacts help,research myself keeping in contact online

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