Praise someone for doing/saying thing right

The neighborhood love has cooled off. We desperately need affirmation for doing or saying things right. I have learned that when praising someone it must be honest and truthfully.

The forum members are knowing the illness inside-out and outside-in. Even not, you all are helping each other and giving each other a like :+1:
I found empathy most, followed by sympathy.


this is the nicest forum i go to not much arguing over silly things, thanks who ever made it.

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Praise should only be given when it is honest and sincere, not everything is worthy of it, because that would lessen the value of it.
In cases where ones spirits need lifting, a bit of creative thinking can find something about that person to honestly praise, because there is something worthy about (99%) of the people you meet.

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A few kind, well chosen words can do a lot of good.

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