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Naturally, we want to do what we can to stay healthy.
It is important, however, to avoid going to extremes. Some have zealously promoted certain diets, treatments, or products.
How a person addresses health concerns must be his or her own decision. Further, no one has a solution to all illness. Even the finest doctors get old and sick, and eventually they die. And worrying excessively about our health cannot extend our life.
Similarly, it is appropriate to be concerned about our appearance. But we need not try too hard to erase all signs of aging. Those signs can be evidence of maturity, dignity, and inner beauty.
Is it wise, therefore, to risk unnecessary and potentially dangerous surgical procedures or medical treatments merely to make oneself more physically attractive?


Around the world, advanced electronic devices are now commonplace. Used properly, such inventions can be useful tools.
A computer can be an effective research and communication tool and at times a source of refreshing entertainment. We can, however, also become obsessed with computer technology. Marketers cleverly convince people that they must have the latest products. One young man so passionately desired a particular tablet computer that he secretly sold one of his kidneys to buy it. What a shortsighted sacrifice!


Money is not evil, nor is it wrong to engage in honest business.
The wrong view of money can lead to wrong actions.
Promises of quick, easy money have enticed some to purchase lottery tickets or to pursue multilevel marketing schemes.
Others have been fooled by offers of unrealistically high returns on investments. Do not allow greed to cause you to be defrauded. Use good sense. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Taking pride in the right things can be good.
A healthy measure of self-respect helps us to make good decisions and to avoid lowering our moral standards, without placing too high a value on our own views or position.


Be assured that you can find healthy forms of recreation and good entertainment.
Therefore, you need to scrutinize the type of recreation and entertainment that you engage in. What effect does it have on you? Does it encourage in you a spirit of violence, fierce competition, or nationalism? Does it drain your financial resources? Could it stumble others? What type of associates does your choice of recreation and entertainment bring you into contact with? Does it stimulate in you a desire to commit wrong acts?

Consider, too, the amount of time you spend on recreation and entertainment.
If you choose to spend excessive time on recreation and entertainment, you will find that your downtime is not as refreshing as it could be. In fact, those who keep relaxation in its place enjoy it even more.


Suppose you are looking for a job. If you live in a land where work is scarce, you might be tempted to accept the first job offer—any offer—that comes along. Should you accept the offer anyway, thinking that an unsuitable job is better than no job?
If you are a young person who is contemplating a career, how can you choose the right path? You need to know where your life is headed. Is your goal to imitate the lifestyle of people whose happiness rises and falls depending on the size of their bank account or stock portfolio?

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The source of what you posted here is the Web site of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I found a longer version of what you posted there.

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Yes, your finding is correct.

The original articles were for Christian.