Is really intense…I feel lightheaded. I squatted 365 on a funny shaped bar today without knee wraps, then worked out for another couple of hours. I was there from 430 to 800. I love it but damn

I picked up some supplements a guy recommended…some carbohydrate powder and hydrolized protein powder to drink during the workouts. Fast digesting carbs and protein, basically like chicken and rice in liquid form.

almost too tired to masturbate. Almost. But not!


alcoholics anonymous is too intense and i am not an alcoholic…I drank out of anxiety one night and pathologized it and went to AA, now the people there want me to join their cult. ■■■■. They called on me to speak today and I was like “I got here late whats the topic?”


“Oh boy. Uh Ive only been here for a week [ramble for a minute] alcoholism is rewarding to beat, its more rewarding to have a demon to fight…wait dont listen to me, im crazy and Im new”

…they keep saying that alcoholics cant have just one drink…ive done that tons of times…theyre a cult dude

goodnight im lightheaded and feel sort of high from working out