Power to hurt/power to not hurt

I had a simple thought this evening and it might sound silly to some, but I thought I’d share anyway…just to share. I see a lot of creepy things; things that might scare other people if they saw them. Crawling, slithering, creeping dark creatures across the walls and on the floor. Dark angels staring at me, standing close…Anyway, I’m not scared and I was thinking about why. I thought, they never kill me, they never bruise or scratch…They always (voices) tell me to hurt myself, and I used to often. But they can only hurt me by convincing me to hurt myself, which is getting harder for them to do.Their power is my choice.


That’s excellent, Hedgehog. I think that’s vital for everyone, but especially people who experience these things regularly, to understand that no matter what you see or hear, what you believe and what you do are entirely up to you.

I’m glad you’ve had this realization, and hopefully just being aware of it will make it that much easier for you to keep yourself separate from what you’re experiencing.