Power of word

Energy vampires don’t exist.

This is a pervasive (and perverse) idea that gets thrown around that actually encourages separation and division.

This is why the power of the word is so dangerous.

This idea in particular is something that makes people believe something is happening that is not happening.

Most of these things are imagined and in particular is why self-help and other popular belief$ (the ones they get to profit on…) are so harmful more than helpful.

Please don’t spread these beliefs and don’t believe them.

It is just plain ignorant.

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I don’t know what an energy vampire is but people do have energies, whether that’s high/low or positive/negative


Well the belief they hold is that other people can ‘drain’ you.

This just isn’t true at all or someone wouldn’t be able to stand at a podium and address a hoard of people.

That’s probably the easiest way to dismantle it.

The personal remark that some make also tells the story.

“This person just talks and talks and then I feel tired.”

Thats one personal belief that basically says the other person just bores you or doesn’t interest you. Or you find them ‘annoying’ which causes you to feel drained. (A personal perception that affects your mind)

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Yeah but if you put out energy for someone and get none back I’d call that an energy vampire or a black hole (called someone that once , they did not like it).

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