‘Power’ [again]; stay w me; won’t couch it any soft way; maybe it loses ‘its teeth’

It’s ok; and it’s natural to want to feel it; have some of it; and what so many should hear(I feel), is maybe it’s ok if you’ve bumped into some of it, in an adversary and felt um … Pained.(!)

(We ARE gods creatures, AND gods children.)

Lemme back up (again) …

I’m an awesome Uncle, I’m there doing everything right w a 1.5 year old in the fam…

Power is a vocab word that happens in kid cartoons!!! Ha!!

He, the toddler pushes a basket of ‘diapies’ around and I let him chase me; and I’ll fake yell:

‘Oh No! Not the basket of Power!!!’ AaRGH!!! AHhh!!! And he lights up!!

Because he’s not ‘schooled; because he’s not socialized; and is innocent; AND unembarrassed!’!

It only accounts for so much I understand… I won’t reach all with my intention today and maybe I’ll always be a lil’ tone deaf here BUT:

[if you were abused in your past, by a trusted person, that’s a different animal; And I cannot help; although maybe this still can still in some way of thinking newer thoughts about the assailant; and not circling the same ‘grist for the mill’…


I’m here to help.

And my ‘handle’ is a misnomer because I require help back (at moments).

(I’m not healed and recovered all the way.)

I embarrass myself but this is what the internet is good for

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