‘Power, Affiliation, and Achievement’ .. (bear with me)

It’s always read or received with a distaste that a person wants ‘power’…

Maybe that’s why I admitted, nay(?) simply jotted it here, firstly.

I think I’ve felt all three talking about this disorder with the people here.

It’s the only thing I’m really good at… but writing comes along for the ride there, in that(so really it’s ok).

Lemme back up, a sec.

After Maslow, there was another famous, and I should know him by memory, bc it resonates with me, but he said (I think) these are the wants of people in companies and organizations.’ McClellan perhaps.

It always struck me as more earthly stuff, (and thus more practical to think about.).

Self Actualization from Maslow always seemed a bit corny or it’s just I never attained it, I did try though.

My only background is having taken
Psych 101
And I/O Psych (industrial/OrganizationalPsych)

Do you recall stuff way back in the topic of psychology as you got sick, maybe before you got sick? Did any of this make you think anything new(if you read?).


You won’t leave me hanging, will you?

I went to state school in state…

So you don’t like me? There’s faster ways to get your point across

I think you’re a good person. Good things

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Most of the psychology I learned was in sociology. I was a sociology major before I got sick. Taken psychology since though too. Got a B/B+. I forget. But it was a good mark for me.

Maslows hierarchy of needs. I remember.

Man I wanna go back to school now. But I wanna study ethnobotany or something. Probably won’t tho and if I did. I’d start with 1-2 courses at CC

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Thanks for weighing in, I’m glad I got you a little pumped up for more school, though only you can answer if that’s the right thing next for you.

What is an ethnobotanist? Thats a new one on me…

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