"Poverty" only more sufferable when

Poverty is mostly made to be ‘insufferable’ because of living with insufferable people.


Feels more that it is to do with that.

Being rich doesn’t automatically mean people are not insufferable either.

It just means they have less reason to complain.


The rich have problems too. They just have a higher class of problems.


Poor people can be happy too.


I think that if we lived in the kind of grinding poverty of the flavellas of South America, or the slums of India, we’d become mean and dangerous too, but I don’t know if the kind of poverty in the U.S. can be an excuse for violent behavior. I understand that if you don’t participate in the life of the street you become a victim, but it shouldn’t be that way. People have food stamps and public housing, which are adequate to sustain a satisfactory existence. People who live in the slums of El Salvador can’t even get clean water to cook and drink. I can see how the value of live might seem to diminish to them.


Well what I’m trying to say isn’t really about gratitude or happiness.

Its more a remark on how people are still people regardless of their relative circumstance of either having more or less.

In my family I tend to get frustrated at how everyone likes to remark about how we’re ‘poor’ and it is ridiculous.

Crimby I like what you said because that paints a proper picture of what real poverty looks like.

In America there seems to be though too much craving for ‘being rich’ like it will alleviate all your problems when it isn’t that simple.

However, I’m also not trying to diminish the idea that people aren’t underpaid or don’t deserve more either.

What I’m referring to is mostly a gripe with my family and the culture that won’t shut up about ‘success’ as if it will shore up every lack in your life.

I don’t know. When I hear people use that word success it just sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Not saying money is evil or anything like that. And I hate explaining myself when people assume that I’m trying to say that.

It’s more complex and it feels like something that almost requires more than a few paragraphs to explain.

Whatever. I’m enjoying my tea atm.


Namaste blah blah blah

And this is all I’m trying to say.

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I’ve been on both sides. I prefer being poor.

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We had little money when growing up but much emotional and loving support.

You can win a million dollars. You can work your ass off and get all those nice things.

For me. I’d rather all that love and emotional support. With that you can move mountains. Yeah sure you can do that with money. A bulldozer is no problems but are you any better off?

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@rogueone see? You do have a gift, in writing. I’m getting off of my soap box. Lol


One of my favorite quotes is by an unknown person its

“Happiness is not having what you want, its appreciating what you have.”

I always liked that quote.

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There are happy people who are poor and sad people who are rich. Still, the people who are rich don’t ever have to feel social consequences like not affording clothes, only eating cheap food, and getting inferior health care. Being rich I would say makes you more likely to be happy but isn’t a guarantee.

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