Poverty of thought and speech. Any advice?

I used to be another way in my past and I remember when I feelt myself normal, in my mind used to be always thoughts, ideas, things to do, things to say and share, memories that came to my mind… Now I have not any of that… Very poor thoughts and insight of the things in life…


im the same way as you bi6907…I have poserty of thought…its a pain in the ass but what can you do…its a negative symptom of sz

Same here. Enough to make one question APs.

apply for work (once pandemic ends) that requires talking/ socializing. I worked a sales job where I interacted with customers 5 minutes at a time. If i had a poor conversation and didn’t sell, i just moved on to the next. i was just practicing and i got paid. although this is my experience and perception, i think the idea is universal: get out of your comfort zone, practice, and improve.

Yes blank mind, its due to low working memory as when we think or do something all other thoughts fades from mind. Normally several thoughts run in mind in parallel as working memory is more so these thoughts not distract us but as our working memory got bad if these other thoughts come then current activity, thought get distracted. Its a coping mechanism by our mind to mitigate the low working memory issue. This not only happen during daytime but also in night during sleep. In the past we used to get dreams but that too get reduced and almost to zero due to low working memory issue.

Omega 3 helps to form dreams like before thus its helps in increasing our working memory.