Potential link between vitamin D deficiency and loss of brain plasticity


Last year, I read about a synergistic effect of vit D + N-acetyl cysteine in a mouse model of brain injury. The research report said these chemicals increased the amount of glutatione in the brains of the mice. I don’t remember the name of the paper.

I’ve been hearing how vitamin d is good for this and that… Yet it is so difficult to get fully in the diet… Like iron for women… And as someone who doesn’t like going out much n living in the UK u don’t always get enough sunshine. I don’t like supplements either so I may need to force myself out more

In the summer of 2018, I spent an average 2 hours outside in June and July each day. In August, my vitamin D was 19 ng/mL, below the lower limit of 30 ng/mL. So it could be low despite being in the sun. I only managed to raise it to the normal range by taking an average of 2400 IU per day for 3 months.

Guess I should be better about taking my supplement! I need to get my levels checked, too. I used to be pretty deficient. Need to check again in case I need a high dose to get me back to normal.

This thread is good to know about because I just started taking ‘D’ because its good against mens diseases over 40 0r 50 age. If it helps brain plasticity all the better. You can get it in milk too. (cows)

A lot of adults don’t drink milk, I made it sorta a habbit to drink some soy milk everyday. As far as Iron im not sure, I Eat a good amount of rice so I don’t think I lack that. I think certain livers have high amount of iron? I don’t like it, but maymbe u eat it?

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Liver is disgusting to me too. Yea liver seems to be high in a few vitamins.
I really don’t understand where women are meant to get all their iron from if not taking supplements I should ask a dietician.
Especially cos they say we are not meant to eat too much red meat

u Can always get a multi-vitamin…but im not sure if it has enough Iron or any iron at all. There are other foods out there I think but I forgot them.

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