Potential Drug-Drug Interaction Problem Between Nuvigil / Armodafinil and Risperidone

Important if you take Armodafinil (for sleep problems) and Risperdal. They seem to reduce the effectivness of each other.


Consistent with CYP3A4 induction, risperidone and 9-hydroxyrisperidone systemic exposure was reduced in the presence of armodafinil.

Simultaneous armodafinil and risperidone use may necessitate risperidone dosage adjustment, particularly when starting or stopping coadministration of the two drugs. However, any such decision should be based on patient disease state and clinical status.



I wonder if this applies to Modafinil as well.

I think YES - they are the same thing it seems:

Something to remember if I ever go back on Risperidone.

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I feel like being a letter of the law guy . Nuvigil is the prefferred isomer of Provigil. Technically modafinil and Nuvigil are not the same. But for the puposes at hand . . .


Looks like I can’t take modafinal and some Precursor​:triumph::joy::sweat::disappointed_relieved: