POTATO SCANDAL - Pixel suspected of insulting the great Potato

@velociraptor Sends Profanity-Laced, Potato-Dissenting Text to Wrong Person
CIA said years ago that this would happen
Potato is angry, according to Son of Potato, Pesus


i am loving the forum news updates!

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Thanks @ninjastar, its people like you that keep me in business :sunglasses:

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(Waiting for the head explosion)

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I think i was a little manic earlier… *cough * :smiley:

for shame, for shame lol



was just answering the thread, i thought it was a joke lol

Oh, nevermind :sunglasses:

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How great can this Potato be if it can’t handle a bit criticism? I mean do we really want a Great Potato that slinks off to pout in anger when met with scrutiny?

I could be biased, though, I fought for the armies of the Radish God.

Red or Dead! Viva la Revolucion!