Potassium 1515151515

i think i figured out something cool. i started drinking homemade electrolyte drink probably 4 days ago and my anxiety went way down and i feel more relaxed. so i googled it and its a thing. it said people with anxiety are usually low in potassium. the recommened amount is somewhere between 2000-3000 a day. im just drink an extra about 400mg a day cause im a little scared to drink too much. but its helping a lot. i mix about 30 oz of water with 1/4tsp salt, and 1/4tsp “no salt” which is the “salt” that is made from potassium. then i add 2 drink flavor packets too it (lemonade flavor) and it is super good tasting. just thought id share this with u guys incase anyone wants to try it out.


I realized my diet was low in potassium after I tracked using myfitness pal years ago. I like having body armor lyte or coconut water for potassium sources. They say you should have a 2/3 mg ratio of sodium to potassium.

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