Pot & Booze

I sip whiskey & toke on a pot pipe all day. Is this the cause of my SZ? Or, am I more prone to these habits since I was born SZ…

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I mean the booze and weed didn’t cause it,

But are probably exacerbating the symptoms,

Which is why you self medicate.

A lot of people here struggle with similar issues.

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I don’t find that alcohol impacts or influences my SZ at all. Weed on the otherhand causes extreme paranoia for me. I used to take/smoke high CBD products to treat pain but the paranoia it causes is too overwhelming.

Escapism my friend. Escapism from living in the grim reality of life. Escapism from the past that drives the individual to deal with the ever present hell buried deep within your subconcious that may have happened to you.

The inabillty to live with the present can be a subconcious revolt from the past. Unless you slow down and recognise it, and then deal with it then escapism will be for you. It is very difficult and the subconcious will drive it without you knowing it, but unless you address it, and even when you do escapism will be very attractive, then it will prevail over your life.

the facts are that szs are 3 times more likely to have suffered trauma: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120419102440.htm

When the day comes to deal with it, you start the first steps to not escaping… :wink:


Well put! I find it’s good to find a balance between escapism & reality.


No offense but if you didn’t smoke pot and drink than you might be able to channel your energy into doing something more productive(and cheaper). I really can’t criticize because I’ve smoked a lot of pot in my life but once I quit, then came the cars, the apartments, the girlfriend, going to college and living independently.

Pot cost money and tends to put you in situations with the wrong people and doing wrong things.


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