Posting Patterns

I’ve been around these parts long enough to recognize the ‘pattern posting’ in others on this forum.

And yet they never really listen and stay stuck in their ruts. After years you just throw up your hands and say ‘Why do I even bother?’


This is certainly true. Can be frustrating when you try to help certain people. People are hard to change, especially if they are stuck in a persistent delusion.


I am probably one of those people when I get it in a med quitting frame of mind, or I am freaking out

Does happen more often than I’d like it to

I think you at least try to listen to others advice. At least it appears that way. You seem somewhat open when people advise you.

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I’ve seen it all over the years.

Mother issues…relationship problems…grandiose delusions. And the one thing they all have in common is that nobody ever listens to good advice, even when they are not psychotic anymore.

It’s a self-defeating attitude that must drive their psychiatrists around the bend.

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Posting patterns indeed…

I was a total ass for years but my beef was another thing and not really the realms of the boards. I get it. I truly do. You want to say your stuff and be acknowleged but honstly. If your fishing for likes you’ve got it wrong…

It’s a vibrant community but the thing that stands out to me is no matter what our drama we look after our own…we are very kind to those who need it…

So. Be civil and supportive. It took me a long time to learn that but it’s all that is important!


What about being honest?

You’re honest on this forum and your post gets flagged or you get suspended. So many of those people who need to hear it…don’t. And it just perpetuates the self-defeating cycle of misery for the afflicted.

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It is in the rules. Honesty must be layered in respect and tact. changing the rules is above our paygrade.

I think people need to be ready to admit to themselves what they truly need to do to change. Until they’re ready, no words will penetrate the illusion they create for themselves.

I used to be one of those people. I was pummeled with good advice and handheld. I was so stuck in my own ways that nothing worked until I was ready to admit what it would take for me to get out of the rut.

It’s frustrating when people don’t listen, and even more to tell the same people the same thing on a weekly basis, knowing they could be doing much better if they just listened.
It’s a powerless feeling.

But until they’re ready, nothing can be done.
And nobody knows what it will take for a person to have the moment of clarity they need to move forward.