Posting before I overthink it and can't be convinced I'm wrong

Mushrooms might be angels/demons
Just… hear me out…

The Bible says about plants and animals in relation to food, but there’s no mention of eating fungi. In fact, yeast is supposed to represent sin.
Are we supposed to live alongside them as separate entities?
We know they’re intelligent… Are they placed conveniently to watch over us or to harm us?

Is that completely wrong or is there even a shred of possibility? Because I can’t think of a way to disprove it, and I eat a lot of mushrooms and am now feeling incredibly guilty.

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Maybe you should ask a priest.

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There’s nothing wrong with eating portabello mushrooms or shitaake or w.e.

Mushrooms are not our enemy. They are our ally. But not as a schizophrenic. If you’re talking about psychedelic mushrooms.

Because we have too fragile a brain with psychosis to take powerful hallucinogens. If we gain our strength of mind back with meds, the meds will block these powerful hallucinogens.

I think mushrooms are intelligent. I think plants have more intelligence than we give em credit for.

When something has the ability to either be food, kill you, or send you tripping somewhere. People reject it out of fear. But the ■■■■ they sell you in the grocery store is good. But don’t be picking to be eating random mushrooms unless you’re an advanced mycologist. And don’t be tripping if you’re sz!


My dad is a pastor and every church leader I know knows him, and I am not telling my father because I know full well how insane it sounds at first glance

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Don’t you worry, I’m not a fan of hallucinogens :joy:

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@Sardonic is typing a great asnswer :sunny:


Mushrooms are just fungi. They are not angels nor demons. Some are food, some are psychedelics, some are unsafe to eat. There’s nothing funny going on. They’re just toadstools.


Lol it’s not a great answer. I would say an average answer.

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Back when the Bible was written, people thought mushrooms were plants. So they’re included in the “plants and animals” categories there.

Using yeast is not considered a sin in the Bible. The only reason the Jews in biblical stories didn’t use it was because they didn’t have any. And now, it’s a tradition to honor those struggles.

You’re safe to keep eating grocery store mushrooms if you want to. You’re safe to eat bread with yeast. If you choose not to do so, that’s also fine. It shouldn’t really affect your life too badly.


Blimey @ninjastar im always impressed at the wealth of information on different topics you reply to as mod.
You come across as exremely well educated.
Whats the secret lol Wiki? lol :smiley:


I actually have a degree in catholic philosophy.


Suppose you never read the bible, you wouldn’t have nothing to worry about.

Where did you get that degree @ninjastar? Did you get it at a catholic school? I went to a catholic school! You don’t have to share if that’s too personal information.

I did go to a Catholic university. Everyone on here just thinks I hate religion, because I uphold the rules of the forum.


I’m not judging. Maybe we went to the same one. That would be cool! :hugs:

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Maybe we did! That would be neat.

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